Low & No-Code Integration - Joining the dots...

If you’ve not heard of them before, Zapier, Integromat and Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow), are “low-code” or “codeless” integration platforms. In recent years the industry recognised the need for those without formal programming skills to be able to integrate their separate systems themselves.

This bought about the rise of these amazing platforms, which with the right knowledge of the business can bring about very rapid change and serve either as a temporary “proof of concept” or even a longer-term solution. 

Zapier is a standalone product but can connect to just about anything that has an API (Application Programming Interface). Power Automate is part of the Microsoft 365 product including Power Apps for building simple, data driven mobile apps.

We can assist you with both as we have strong experience with them. We can help with any other codeless platform of your choice including Zoho Creator and Vtiger’s VTAP product. You can combat the frustration many creative-minded people have, enabling your businesses "Citizen Developers" to create code themselves without the need to always recruit a qualified programmer to build the product.

It might seem daunting but once we train you how to use these products, it will unlock so many possibilities within your business and put the power in your hands. Much like building with Lego, the only limit is your imagination!

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