Zoho & Vtiger CRM - Power on a budget

Vtiger and Zoho are two fantastic CRM systems which are both very well suited to SME’s. They strike the perfect balance in a price to performance ratio. 

Being cloud based from the start has given them both a huge advantage over some traditional CRM systems that began as desktop products and struggled to make the cloud transition.

Both have been around for nearly 20 years, and have been continuously improved as the market advances. Always with new features and capabilities to keep ahead of the game.

There are many other systems available in the CRM world including SalesForce, however we believe none that are truly as affordable and capable as Vtiger and Zoho.

Choosing between them is a personal choice, however both are now offering free trials and free “tiers”. We have good experience with both products and can help you to study your CRM needs to find the best fit for your business, whilst giving you the chance to try them yourself to make your own decision. We can then work with you to plan implementation and data migration from your existing systems into the CRM.

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