Microsoft Excel & VBA Automation

Who doesn’t love Microsoft Excel? There is very little that it cannot do, and has been the staple of finance and data analysis experts for decades. For a product so ubiquitous, it’s also easily misunderstood and remains for many an untapped resource.

Similarly to MS Access, Excel has been used by many small businesses to fill the gaps that would normally be filled by larger ERP, CRM or database systems. This can cause problems when the worksheets grow out of control and particularly problematic when made overly complex.

Excel serves best as a tool to analyse data rather than store large quantities of it. This is where we can help you. We can work with you to build or adapt existing Excel sheets to talk to other data sources and help you continue to use the tools you love, whilst still being able to expand your businesses IT capabilities.

Through the use of VBA, it is possible to do just about anything with Excel and in the right hands it can be a very powerful tool that serves as part of a carefully considered business system.

It is also possible to build “addins” that extend the capabilities of Excel for your own businesses needs.

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