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Microsoft .NET LogoThe .NET platform is a very popular foundation for software development and has been used in industry since 2002. Continuously evolving it began as .NET Framework, transitioned to include .NET Core and now since 2020 has been known collectively as .NET

Essentially it is a set of technologies that enable development of custom applications for web, desktop and mobile app capabilities. These include ASP.NET (for web applications), WPF & WinForms (for desktop) and Xamarin/MAUI (for mobile apps).

It is possible to build just about anything in .NET and the language C# has been widely adopted worldwide, so is highly regarded. If your business needs a bespoke web, desktop or mobile application then chances are it can be achieved with .NET

Mobile application development is usually best achieved utilising “cross-platform” technologies such as Xamarin/MAUI an exciting framework that will allow for building a single application that works on both Apple iOS, Android and Windows Desktop in the future. This ensures apps are maintainable and keeps costs affordable.

If your business needs are very specific and you require custom development, we are happy to work with you to develop a bespoke solution tailored to your unique needs. However, we would always guide you through the process of deciding if custom software built from scratch, really is what your business needs. Often software developers are keen to build you a bespoke solution but don’t always consider if it’s been built before and are at risk of “reinventing the wheel”. This is something we never do and will recommend ways to adapt existing systems where possible, only then deciding to build from scratch. 

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