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Originating in the 90’s, Microsoft Access was the foundation of many businesses and became popular due to being a greatly accessible database platform that was also affordable.

Often misunderstood and unfairly dismissed by elitist professionals, Access is rarely recommended as a solution to new development projects nowadays. However, that does not mean it should be written off and dismissed. A large number of SME’s still depend on it and find it difficult to replace.

Staff who had the best knowledge of the business’ inner workings were able to craft a database that became a “proof of concept” or actually became a dependable tool. One of the biggest strengths of Access is its enormous compatibility, it is able to connect to just about any data source and still makes it a “swiss army knife” that can be very useful even today.

We appreciate that many companies are not in a position to throw away their historical systems easily and replace them with an ERP or CRM, however we can help by adapting Access databases and helping them integrate with other systems. This gives you the distinct advantage of being able to gradually improve your business without a damaging “big bang” approach to change. For example, we can help you connect Access to Office 365 with Sharepoint, Power Apps or even as a frontend to other databases such as ERP/CRM/Accounting systems, providing a hybrid cloud approach and enabling remote working.

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