Odoo 17 - A New Look and Bold Ambitions...

A curated, impartial guide to the latest release. Including both Community and Enterprise features of one of the best modern business platforms available.
5 March 2024 by
Odoo 17 - A New Look and Bold Ambitions...
Open User Systems Ltd, Chris Mann

November 2023 saw the release of a new major version of Odoo, the open-source ERP platform. As is usual with each annual release, there are significant fundamental changes as well as more ancillary minor amendments.
Our experience of this release has been good so far, having migrated several custom modules already had time to test the system thoroughly.

The aim of this blog is to help you break those down into what we feel are the most important changes to be aware of, whether you are using community or enterprise versions. If you want comprehensive detail, you can view the official release notes.

This release saw a brand-new UI style with totally reworked branding and icons, performance boosts, search and chatter changes, ChatGPT integration and much more including new Enterprise-Only apps WhatsApp, ShopFloor, Meeting Rooms and FrontDesk. It is clear they are biting at the heals of their competition and learning from what customers need.

Now time has passed since it's release, it is appropriate to review what we see as the most crucial changes and help you make the decision when or if to upgrade to this release. The upgrade has been available since February and many people are now choosing to migrate. 
Note: The decision also depends on whether you have custom code developed, which requires migration, as well as your hosting platform choice.
Everything listed is available in Community unless marked as *Enterprise

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 Our Top Picks



Claimed 36% overall faster performance during day-to-day usage.
API performance up to 50% faster than V16.
Client code optimisation - 30% less code.

Search Toolbar​

The search tool was always limited particularly if you needed to search by related fields, or save and edit your filters later. This has been resolved and now the search tool offers a full advanced filter and save/edit capability. 

Multi-Select Lists

You can use SHIFT+DOWN to select multiple records in the list view

Chatter Search + Translation

Automatic translation of content in the chatter.
Ability to easily search chatter messages!

Multi-Company Features

  • Multi-company branch management now possible
  • Separate email catchall alias domains per company

Draggable Dialog Windows

No more worrying about Odoo windows obscuring something behind. You can drag the dialogs out of the way

Property Fields

Property fields were added in V16 but not searchable. They are now easily searched in all areas and can be grouped also.
Reducing the need for custom fields in development.
They can also be added as columns to list views.

Private Addresses Removed

Previously a private address existed in contacts for employees. This caused much confusion and concern about data security. These have been removed and moved purely to HR Employees module only.

Progressive Web App

You can now install Odoo as an app on desktop or mobile browsers for better user experience


Able to handle 50,000 users when previously 5000 was limit.
Upcoming in 2024 readonly replica support in PostgreSQL database for even creater scalability.


Unfollow a conversation thread (chatter) from your inbox.

Automated Actions

Completely overhauled automations. Can now easily create automated actions from kanban stages such as CRM, Project etc.
Support for Webhooks and new triggers, generally much more user-friendly interface to create powerful workflows.


500+ attendees in a meeting. Better quality video, blur background, raise hand, voice messages, search messages, screensharing from live chat.


  • New organisational chart view. 
  • AI to automatically fill skills from CV / Resume. 
  • Work from home support
  • Attendance can checkin/out easily from home screen
  • Timeoff accruals support negatives


Ability to share externally with anonymous users (non Odoo users). Very useful for management meetings.

Point of Sale

  • Online table booking
  • Self-ordering via mobile
  • Kitchen display


  • Reworked 'Done' status based on kanban state
  • Integration with new automated actions on stages


  • Detailed descriptions per product specific to the shop page for customers
  • Product Tags can be visible on shop
  • Images can be used as attribute values (e.g material patterns for fabrics)
  • New re-designed checkout UI, better optimised for mobile
  • Improved payment form


  • Better kiosk mode with more security
  • Supports barcode, RFID and manual login
  • Check in/out from homescreen easily
  • Location stored in attendance record
  • *Enterprise: Gantt chart for attendances

Sales & Portal

  • Optimisation for mobile phone users during checkout and payment steps
  • Easier to apply discounts, share documents and followup quotes
  • Product Catalog: Easier to handle sales quotes on the move (mobile)
  • Revamped customer portal with better UI (icons and modernised)
  • PDF Quote Builder using placeholders (e.g Customer name, SO number etc) to build professional "brochure" like quotations See Link


  • Reworked sales & repairs process: See Link
  • Live update of inventory as performing repairs (linked to stock reservation and forecasting)
  • Upfront sales orders can generate a repair, rather than retrospectively as before. You can set products to auto-generate repairs on confirmation of sale


  • Ability to replenish and manage procurement via the Manufacturing Order itself
  • Analytic distributions supported
  • Generate a BOM based on components and actions in MO - Retrospectively created BOM. Great for Engineer-to-order or prototyping.
  • *Enterprise: Ability to use barcode app and scanner to process Mos
  • *Enterprise: Shop floor app for easier management of work orders
  • *Enterprise: Plan by components availability
  • *Enterprise: Ability to plan work order by assigned employee


  • Builder has ChatGPT integrated to assist in building new website designs according to your business type. Also create content based on AI for pages
  • Webp format supported for images


  • *Enterprise: Sendcloud shipping connector improvement to allow easier select of delivery methods without needing one per weight range.
    See link

Studio (*Enterprise)

  • Overhauled, improved reports builder in Odoo Studio. 

Accounting (*Enterprise)

  • Splitting vendor bills by PDF
  • PEPPOL invoicing (E-invoicing EDI standard compliant)
  • Ability to set the e-invoicing standard on the customer configuration
  • DSO (Days sales outstanding) to assist with credit limit
  • Automatic notification via email when the bank sync connection needs to be refreshed (reminders)
  • Ability to create bank statements manually via reconciliation
  • Import missing transactions from statements
  • Scamming protection to help validate outgoing payments
  • Payments are able to handle instalments
  • Automated closing operations
  • Improved deferrals based on start and end dates
  • Improved financial reports to be easier to modify. Filtering by user-defined filters from journal entries (as per pre-V16). Export to PDF.
  • Auto-reconciliation en-mass
  • Analytic plans cross-reporting and expanded filters

Documents (*Enterprise)

  • Version history on spreadsheets
  • Improved spreadsheets: Formatting of dates regionally and many more usability improvements (see full release notes)

Subscriptions (*Enterprise)

  • Improved dashboards and reporting
  • Compatible with storable products finally. You can now sell a subscription for physical items such as monthly food selection boxes

Appointments (*Enterprise)

Require payment in advance to book an appointment.

Homescreen (*Enterprise)

Drag to rearrange/reorder home-screen icons per user.

New Apps (*Enterprise)

  • WhatsApp: Manage your marketing via integrated communications inside Odoo
  • Shopfloor: Easier access to work centre views and manufacturing instructions. Optimised for tablets
  • Meeting Room: Allocate and book meeting room resources
  • Front Desk: Visitor management system for handling guests at reception. See Link
  • Kitchen Display: POS display for kitchens to go paperless

 Manufacturing / ETO Resources  

We specialise in manufacturing companies, many of which are engineer-to-order type businesses with unique custom-build products and special accounting needs.
Some interesting talks or documentation is shortlisted below with links. If you are in this industry, we recommend you take a close look at these.


Odoo 17 - A New Look and Bold Ambitions...
Open User Systems Ltd, Chris Mann 5 March 2024
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